La Economía Circular Sostenible
Filii Futuri
The Children of the Future

The Children of the Future

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proudly present:

The Sustainable Circular Economy

How to save the world from us
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Our current economic systems are outdated. They come from a time when man was supposed to subjugate the world, when wars, poverty and diseases were commonplace and natural resources seemed infinite. They are not designed to tackle global warming and climate change, provide sufficient water and healthy food, ensure peace, human rights and human duties, provide intelligent education, a healthy healthcare system and comfortable public transport, seriously protect animals and the environment, leave NO waste behind, effectively combat overpopulation and corruption, but the 

Sustainable Circular Economy


Your world

A linear economy is a traditional model of production and consumption in which products are made, used, and then disposed of after the end of their life cycle. In a linear economy, resources are extracted, processed into goods, used by consumers, and finally discarded as waste. In a linear economy, there is little emphasis on recycling, reusing, or reducing waste. This can lead to resource depletion, environmental degradation, and a buildup of waste that can harm ecosystems and human health. Linear economies are often criticized for their inefficiency and negative impact on the environment.

Your society is ruled by:

a) mistrust

b) fear

c) competence

d) greed

e) envy

f) violence


Our world

A sustainable circular economy is an economic model designed to minimize waste and make the most of resources by maximizing their use and value. It aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, rather than being used and then disposed of. In a circular economy, products are designed to be easily repaired, reused, or recycled, which helps to reduce production costs, decrease environmental impact, and promote long-term sustainability and can create economic opportunities through the development of new business models and innovative technologies.

Cooperation and technologies are the clue to make life easier, save nerves, recources and gain quality time.

Cars and trucks are chained together electonically like in a caravan resulting in less accidents and loss of life. Prudent logic.

We start at the traffic lights  at the same time,  from the first to the last. Chronical logic.

Industrial freezers are accessed by the top, so the cold doesn’t escape. Thermical logic.

Your world

is like a broken raft exposed to the winds and currents with 3 big problems:

– economy is only interested in money, it does not care about you, the society or the environment.

– politics do not represent the majority of people and are under the influence of lobbies.

– people are kept stupid by mass media and are mere consumers.


Our world

is a beautiful sailing yacht with 2 powerful exta features: a steering wheel called logic and an emergency motor called honor. 

 – We do not need more people, we need better people, intelligent people. 

– We, the intelligent people, decide what we want and where we want to go, not the politicians or the economy.

– Economy, politics and society work together all pulling in the same direction.

– Honor is based on respect and tollerance, 2 main ingredients for the survival of mankind.

Your world is doomed,

well, not your’s, but your grandchildrens’ world is doomed to live a life in hell, because you are not able to overcome your differences and therefore are not able to solve ongoing problems, especially the big ones:

– global warming and climate change

– excessive use of fossile energy

– destruction of natural ressources

– sweet water

– (plastic) garbage

You destroy your world for cents

Company A receives rags, simple white or colored rags, locally. After a couple of years they come from another country 3.000 km away, because they are some cents cheaper. Yet another couple of years they come frome another country 10.000 km away, because they are some cents cheaper. Not to speak of thousand of ton of “Haut Coture”, which land in the dessert of Atacama.

The problem is that you ship around millions of tons of low quality products.


Our world


– Telephone cards are valid worldwide

We are ONE WORLD consisting of 12 world regions, there is no need for wars, because we preach & practice peaceful trade and cultural exchange.

We have imagined a world where you receive money for protecting our beautiful planet Earth

– Each world region receives between 15  and 100 trillion € per year according to its efforts to be a sustainable community.

Company B receives rags, simple white or coloored rags, locally. As they have a green carbon  footprint, the company pays less taxes than Company A.

 We only ship around high quality.

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Galactic greetings, stranger!

We take you on a journey into our world and show you how we have managed to build it, so similar to yours, … let’s say a little more good, but a lot less bad, a little healthier and a lot less dirty, a little fairer and a lot less violent, … .

Look into the future …




We have filtered The Most Important of the thousands and thousands of laws and regulations, rights and freedoms, customs and beliefs, rules and norms, that exist around the world and have summarised them into

10 chapters and one crucial point.


To create a universally applicable basis for all the world’s population and generations to come, we will repeat some familiar things and learn many new things, depending on how close


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1.  Your education

2. Your knowledge

3. Your principles

4. Your thoughts and feelings

5. Your actions

come to those of 

The Children of the Future.

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