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VmG- Venus meets Gaya (eng)

VmG- Venus meets Gaya (eng)

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VmG – Venus meets Gaya is an association of goods: a non-profit association made up of responsible people, who have a greater good in common: preserving this beautiful planet: the Earth
With a bit of fantasy, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, visits Gaya [18:51 – 19:18], our Mother Earth, who gives us shelter and food. The Age of Aquarius has dawned…. close your eyes for a moment and begin to dream… do you feel the vital energy flowing through you? Feel the joy, compassion, if possible the great compassion, harmony, love and happiness, they accompany you on all your ways. Avoid negative thoughts and actions, encourage positive thoughts and actions – help an old woman cross the street, hug a tree – and now – open your eyes, go out into the world, be human and do glorious deeds that your children and their children will tell during decades.

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